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Flex Program

Is your son or daughter passionate about sports other than hockey, and soccer?  Is she a gymnast, tennis player, skater, skier or equestrian rider?  Is he a wrestler, gymnast, skier or baseball player or paddler?

Are you looking for dynamic balance in your child's athletic life?

Is your son or daughter unable to successfully juggle the demands of training in a compressed after school hour time frame and completing missed school work?

Is he or she an enthusiastic athlete, passionate about success on the playing field but fearful of sacrificing academic success in order to follow those sporting dreams?

Our Flex Program meets the needs of those student-athletes who are training and competing at a high level in a variety of sports outside the school: swimming, x-country skiing, alpine ski racing, tennis, gymnastics, equestrian, skating and paddling, to name but a few.

The Sportscan Academy Flex Program provides training time during the day so that the athlete can leave school to train with their outside coach during non peak time as well as provide the needed break between daily training sessions to maximize training gains.

  1. Our Flex Program is available in two formats
    1) the student-athlete only attends Sportscan Academy for the flexible academics
    2) the student-athlete leaves school to train with their outside coach but performs their physical conditioning program at the school.

  2. Our Flex Program can help the busy student-athlete manage his or her training, competition time and studies, thereby encouraging success in all areas.

  3. Our Flex Program is ideal for the busy student-athlete that has their own sport specific coach who has a flexible schedule and for those student-athletes that require a lot of time away from school for training and competition purposes.

  4. Our Flex Program also provides access to resources such as fitness training, sport psychology and sport nutrition, where possible.

With our Mentor program we communicate regularly with the student-athlete’s outside coach to ensure training loads and academics are scheduled to provide the student-athlete the best opportunity for success.


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