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Dear Parents of a Student-Athlete,
As a coach, teacher and parent of student-athletes over the last 24 years I have come to realize that those athletes that wish to excel at their sport and achieve in their academics are faced with many difficult decisions and sacrifices along the way that adds to their stress level and, I believe, impacts their ability to achieve their full potential. I also believe it does not have to be this way. This is why I have created Sportscan Academy. Our character focused school is geared to have the student athlete’s academic and athletic dreams work together to allow for ultimate success. We have gathered the best practices of the variety of sports schools across the country both public and private institutions and developed what we believe is a school that provides the student-athlete with a safe but demanding environment where they can develop all the necessary tools to achieve both their athletic and academic dreams along the way to becoming positive role models and leaders in the community.
As with any first time endeavour there are many reservations parents will have. We have attempted to address this concerns.
On the academic side we have hired teachers that are certified with the Ontario College of Teachers. We have a range of experience of teachers from ones that have vast experience teaching in Ontario, specifically Ottawa, to new teachers that come with the latest in pedagogy and energy. We will follow the Ontario Curriculum and ensure high standards are met though regular reviews and evaluations of our program delivery. We have created an academic environment that will allow all students to thrive and achieve. We have incorporated technology into the program to account for the student-athlete being away from school because of their athletics. We have also designed a timetable that will have the student leave school daily to pursue their athletic endeavours and spend time with family versus needing to go home and complete homework, projects etc... We have done this by adding a session on at the end of the day for tutoring, homework completion and small group teacher support.
On the athletic side we have incorporated Sport Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development Model into our programs. Both our Sport Specific training and general conditioning training meets the standards outlined by the sport and Sport Canada. The delivery of the program is done by experts in the field of athletic and sport specific training. The important part we believe to the success of the program will be the regular communication with our athletic staff and the student-athlete’s community coach. This regular communication will ensure the student-athlete will be working on the areas they need to and will be prepared for major competitions. For those student-athletes that already have an individual coach we welcome you to our school as well. Our flexible timetable and understanding of the demands of the sport will allow the student-athlete to train with their coach during the day allowing them to increase training loads and improve productivity because of the increased work to rest ratio they will get. We have also developed an ancillary coaching program that will provide the student-athlete with skill development in mental training and comprehensive knowledge on sport nutrition. Finally we have made partnerships with local sport medical people that will be able to provide injury prevention and injury recovery on site.
As this is a Private School it comes with a cost. It is our aim at Sportscan Academy to make this world class program affordable to as many people as possible. Our tuition is comparable with full day daycare rates and far below the top private schools in Ottawa. As we are just starting out the school will only operate if the numbers of registrations make it feasible. All registrations are guaranteed fully refundable if the school does not open in September because of low registration. All deposit cheques and fees will not be cashed until it is confirmed the school will open in September 2011. We have set a date of March 31st to make a decision if the Ottawa sports community wants this type of programming for their student athletes. We are presently accepting registrations and offering a reduced tuition if registration is confirmed before Feb. 28th.
Our goal is to provide world class academics and athletic training at an affordable price.
Thank you for your time. If you have any questions or require further details please visit our website at <>  or contact myself at 613-248-1638.
Colin Walker
Sportscan Academy
(w) 613-248-1638
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