Standing Out From Others

It is our commitment to the students of SportsCan Academy to provide a top quality and innovative learning environment.

Here are just a few ways we are accomplishing this.


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Learning Environment

Learning Skills

Sportscan Academy ‘s  goal is to develop life long learners. To attain this goal we teach the students to be critical thinkers, how to acquire knowledge, how to pay attention to details and how to critically examine and investigate a subject.


Organizational Skills

For the student-athlete the ability to develop organizational skills is an essential part of their development. With strong organizational skills student-athletes will be able to stay focused, meet deadlines, and reduce the stresses caused by disorganization.


cross curriculum

Sportscan Academy uses the cross curriculum approach to put into practice the learning and organizational skills that are taught as the foundation of being a life long learner. Students are motivated to learn when the material is relevant to the student. Our teachers understand the student-athlete environment and design their curriculum to provide meaningful and relevant lessons and projects to motivate and inspire.


Scheduled homework and tutoring:


Sportscan Academy provides an open room policy before the start of each day. Students are welcome to drop in before the beginning of class to talk to teachers, get extra help, catch up on missed work etc….

As well there is a built in 1-hour work period scheduled at the end of each day. This structured time is designed for homework completion, receiving 1-on-1 time with a teacher, tutoring, completing work and preparing for the next day.