Student-Athlete Development Programs

As a regular part of each students curriculum, SportsCan Collegiate provides professionally desinged curriculum in a variety of programs geared to the development of Elite level athletes.


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Physical Conditioning

In order to ensure that all student athletes are working at their optimal levels, students will be tested on their personal level of physical fitness using the Human Performance Training System. This system will provide students with a personalized training package based on their fitness levels and a quantitative analysis of their physiological and/or biomechanical abilities. Specific measurements such as body composition, speed and endurance, and lactic acid tests will be used to help improve a studen's power output, speed and recovery rate. Humna performance professionals will offer practice application, education and program monitoring to support student's and help them reach their athletic goals.

  • Programs include:

- Muscular recovery rate

- Running assessment

- Endurance and agility enhancement


Training Zone systems are based on 3 physiological points; aerobic threshold, anaeobic threshold, and VO2 max

- Athletes are provided with daily conditioning periods that are geared towards their sport.

- In addition athletes are exposed to a variety of other sports and training concepts to provide the athlete with a well rounded program that focuses on developing the whole athlete.

- Conditioning program is linked with sport and communication with sport coach to ensure training loads reflect season plan

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